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We are seeking to hire a talented Sales Project Manager with at least 5 years of experience in managing, leading and integrating technological projects to join the Global Sales and Partnership Group in Israel. This position is the critical link between the different internal functional departments around the globe. The Sales Project Manager must have a strong project management skills and programming background in order to create and control processes and continually improve our methods and plans.

This is an ideal position for a project manager who is highly motivated, ambitious and wants to lead the most cutting-edge marketing and technology projects on the web. This role requires an exceptional ability to plan, monitor and build infrastructures, solve complex problems, organize processes and lead people to successfully execute multiple projects simultaneously in various parts of the world and under tight deadlines.

Key tasks and responsibilities:

Oversee different technology integrations, deployment and optimization of the numerous sales and partnerships projects from start to finish. Provide detailed project plans, technical documentation and guidance as needed.

Ensure on time delivery, rapid and accurate resolution of technical challenges by working closely with sales, marketing, R&D (web/client), Finance, BI, and QA teams around the world.

Manage and prepare reports according to specified procedures and create protocols for more effective project operations.

Engage in continuous prioritization and delivery of all the Global Sales and Partnerships projects.

Lead and motivate all the relevant stakeholders in the projects to successfully deploy large-scale integrations under tight schedule.

Assist in the performance analysis and optimization of new and existing partnerse, copy your job description in "clear format" (e.g. from notepad) without html tags.

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Bachelor?s degree in computer science.

5 + years of experience in technical Project Management/Program Management. Consumer internet is preferred.

At least 3 years of experience in software development in a hi-tech company. Strong experience with Web technologies.

Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills.

Proven ability to deliver multiple results under pressure in a fast-paced environment.

Strong team player, creative thinker, resourceful and analytical.

Willingness to travel (up to ~40% of the time).

? Excellent written and oral English business communication and presentation skills.

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